the resonance tea story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Aly who loved to play tea parties where she would while away hours with her doll & teddy friends while enjoying a delicious bottomless pot. She also loved to share a cuppa (and some cake or biscuits) when she would visit her Grandma, and the delightful warmth, love & connection wrapped up in that tradition.

That little girl grew up to be a chef that was passionate about crafting flavours that made people feel good. And her love for tea remained. No matter how busy life got, or the changes that occurred along the way still she drank tea, and every day she loved it more.  Over time her love for tea became a consuming passion.

Until one day, when instead of dreaming up recipes for food dishes in her mind Aly found she was constantly envisaging flavours and recipes for herbal tea blends.

So she started sourcing ingredients - organic whole ingredients because she wanted the teas to be as pure as possible. She started mixing blends, and mixing again, and sometimes several times, until she tasted the brew and it made her smile. Soon she had dozens of containers of herbs and botanicals and test blends, and the ideas kept flowing. Aly began creating blends for other companies and created bespoke one-off flavours for events as a side gig, all while still working as a chef. 

Then 2020 hit.
And during that time when the world shut down and everybody stayed home something started to stir in her soul. Slowly but surely the ideas that would become resonance tea began to formulate and swirl and flow. In that downtime she spent a lot of time hoping and planning and dreaming how her own tea label could and would look. 

There were several things that were essential for Aly. Her passion for flavours meant sourcing only the best (and organic wherever possible) ingredients, and her love for nature and the environment meant the brand would be eco friendly in all aspects of the business. The ethos of 'be good, do good' dictated that 10% of profits would be donated to another of Aly's passions - the care, protection and survival of our iconic Australian wildlife. (You can read more on that here)

And most importantly the teas had to taste amazing. Aly says "I get flavour ideas popping in my head and then I work backwards to create that flavour from pure & natural ingredients - no artificial flavours or synthetics. I love that aspect of figuring out which ingredients will combine to create that particular flavour in my mind. The magic of combining herbs and flowers and water and the taste sensations it creates. My pet hate is that awful film you get on your tongue when additives are used in tea. For me tea is supposed to be a delicate balance of ingredients to get the flavour just right, not fillers with some flavour chips thrown in so it was really important that resonance teas be pure."

Finally in July 2020 she woke up one day with a resolve that NOW was the time, and set to work. In November of that year resonance tea launched with a collection of 8 herbal tea infusions.

Now approaching one year in resonance tea continues to evolve and grow, with three more collections on the horizon and a quarterly subscription box in the planning stages.  

"I'm so excited by all the future projects I've been developing for resonance tea. I love that I'm constantly learning, I love the feedback I get from our customers that they love the teas as much as I do, and everyday I'm thankful that I decided to turn my passions into a career." said Aly with a smile. "Making teas that make moments - moments when you close your eyes, inhale, and feel your soul fill with joy. I'm lucky enough to immerse myself in that every day".