resonance ethos

At resonance we are committed to creating a new normal for business by considering our environmental impact with every decision we make.

We source organic products wherever possible for the benefit of both our own bodies and our environment, we use recycled or biodegradable materials in all aspects of our packaging and we are proud to support wildlife organisations with their rehabilitation, treatment and protection of our native species. You can read more on our commitments below.

Just like you, we strongly believe there is no Planet B and now is the time for change. We are also continually on the lookout for new developments and technologies for eco conscious options and will implement those whenever required.

our wildlife

$3 from profits from every product sold is donated to Australian wildlife sanctuaries.
We want to both BE good and DO good.

Our two core charities are Red Box Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, & the second partner charity will be announced shortly.

Red Box is close to the Castlemaine region and run by Nikki & Scott who predominantly raise orphaned and injured kangaroos and joeys, and play safe haven to many of the released roos who live in the surrounding bushland. Pictured is one of this year's joeys, the irrepressibly cheeky Eddy Spaghetti. Eddy has had quite the tumultuous year, and is now considered 'soft release'. He returns home regularly and holds his arms out indicating he'd like a cuddle please. Read more about Eddy and his mob on their facebook page.

The 3rd charity we donate to monthly is decided by you – starting in 2021 we will be opening nominations of your favourite wildlife charity with the hashtag #resonancecharity
By having a nominated charity each month we get to highlight the good work of wildlife charities all over this country, particularly the smaller localised ones that aren't known outside their area. The more we can help the more awareness we raise all around Australia.
Each month we will feature one and donate $1 from all products sold that month!

our environment

We know that just like us a lot of you like to create a beautiful aesthetic when you are enjoying our tea blends at home. That’s why we chose to offer two ways to buy our products.

The glass apothecary jar is recyclable, reusable and upcyclable. Buy this item as a one off and simply refill by purchasing the bio pouch in future. Or reuse as a vase, a spice jar, a pencil holder – let us know what you do with yours!

The bio pouch is made by Bak2Earth and we recommend you purchase this option if you don’t wish to display your brews, already have suitable containers to transfer the tea into, are short on storage space, or simply want to lessen your footprint even more. We do recommend transferring to a storage container as due to the breakdown component of the bags they are not suitable for storing your teas for an extended time.

Read more about our eco practices on the blog post

our wellbeing

Ethically & consciously sourced ingredients are important to you and to us, and we craft them with a lot of love and a little bit of the divine. Designed to nourish and support our bodies through beneficial natural hydration. Infused with the goodness of botanicals and the delicious flavours found in Mother Nature's bounty.


Let us know how you make a difference for our planet by tagging us with #resonanceethos on social media. We love learning from you!