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BLOOM Herbal Tea Infusion
BLOOM Herbal Tea Infusion
BLOOM Herbal Tea Infusion
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BLOOM Herbal Tea Infusion

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Make Mine A Moment -

Think soft filtered light dappled through the leaves, picnic baskets overflowing with apples and cut flowers, wandering through a country garden. The vibe of this tea is savouring the magic of a Spring afternoon. 

Tasting Notes

BLOOM has a delicate rose bouquet that will delight your palate & senses. Perfect for afternoon tea or anytime of the day when you want to treat yourself.

A rosy body with high crisp notes of apple balanced with the sweetness of honeybush, you will envisage strolling in a fragrant country backyard.


The following ingredients were selected for these reasons when creating this tea blend:

organic honeybush: described as a floral and slightly roasted flavour reminiscent of honey this caffeine free tea provides the perfect building blocks for this blend
organic pink rose petals: Pink rather than red rose petals for a softer more romantic feel while giving a rosewater component to the tea
organic apple bits: a little bit of crisp sweetness to balance the tea blend
organic hibiscus: enhances the colour and provides a tart contrast


Features and Benefits

- eco friendly packaging 
- eco labels (100% recycled paper printed with vegetable based inks with a water based glue)
- certified organic ingredients
- hand blended and packed
- Bloom can be reinfused 3 times before discarding (add to your compost or garden)
- Australian made & owned
- supporting Australian wildlife via our partner charities. A percentage from the profits of each tea sold is donated.


Is Bloom caffeine free?
Yes! As a general guide if a resonance tea contains caffeine we will name it a tea blend, if it is caffeine free we name it a herbal tea infusion.

Where are the teas made?

resonance tea is made in Scone, in NSW's Upper Hunter Valley. Australian made and Australian owned, our teas are handmade, handpacked and hand labelled - all with care & love. 

What size can I buy Bloom in?
Choose from 20g, 50g or 100g in pouches, or 100g in jars

How many times can I reinfuse Bloom?
We find you can infuse up to 3 times. When you're done throw the discarded leaves in your garden or compost. 

How much is it per serve?
There is 92 teaspoons per 100g. For example - If you purchase the 100g jar ($41.95), use 1 tsp per cup and infuse the recommended 3 times the cost is 15c per cup.

Are all the teas unique blends?
Yes! resonance tea are passionate about teas and flavours - our creator and crafter is also a chef so she loves to think of a combination in her mind (you should see her scribble book!) and then set about creating it with natural botanicals. The teas are blended and tested multiple times before we reach the final mix. Once we love it we then release it to you.

What do you do with the tea left over from the mixing/creating process?
If we have leftover leaves from our small trial batches they are sprinkled while we package your tea, as a 'tea confetti' to enhance your unboxing experience and share the tea love.