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We're in BLOOM

We're in Bloom - literally!resonance tea are featured in the Spring Edition of seasonal wellbeing magazine Bloom.We talk about the benefits of the ancient ritual of brewing and drinking herbal teas, plus the best blends for the Spring season.You can get a free digital copy here

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Tips to banish the mid winter blues

After a particularly chilly week it seems like Spring is still far away, so we thought a few tips to help get you through the rest of Winter was in order!1. Too cold to venture out? Try this instead!Winter is the perfect time for hibernating, staying indoors and keeping warm. Probably our favourite Winter activity of all tbh!It's also perfect for finally finishing that novel you started months ago on the beach, or reorganising a cupboard space that keeps getting filed in the 'later' basket.  Or get cosy in bed and enjoy an afternoon nap - you don't need to 'earn' rest, your body actually needs it! Take advantage of being inside and the reduction in daylight hours in the wintertime, which affects...

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