Why A Reusable TeaBag?

Why A Reusable TeaBag?

We are so excited at the completion of our 'project teabag' and hope you love them as much as we do. But why did we feel the need to manufacture a reusable teabag?

πŸ’š lessens waste - while paper based teabags are essentially compostable most get thrown in the bin

πŸ’š no more micro plastics in your tea -Β 

The popular pyramid mesh teabags were tested by researchers removed the tea and placed the empty teabags in water heated to 95C (203F), as if they were brewing tea. They found that a single plastic teabag released about 11.6bn microplastic and 3.1bn smaller nanoplastic particles into the hot water. The particles are completely invisible to the naked eye. That is from removing the teabag! Imagine if you infused that also!

πŸ’š unbleached materials means a chemical free brew - our teabags are made from unbleached certified organic muslin cheesecloth. That's just about as close to nature as you can get.

πŸ’š great for reinfusing, just pop in fridge between brews - resonance tea blends use whole leaves and botanicals wherever available which lends itself well to multiple infusions. Less waste, more economical.

πŸ’š versatile - use in cooking eg bouquet garni, or use the washbag as a tea bath bag. Simply place your bath salts in the large drawstring bag, enjoy your bath, empty and wash. Keep your clean teabags in the embroidered bag, or leave in the bathroom vanity ready for your next soak.

πŸ’š easy care - rinse or wash, and airdry to use again. Quality crafted by a master seamstress here in the Hunter Valley, these bags are made to last for years.Β There are 5 teabags per pack in an embroidered hemp cotton wash bag.

Our gorgeous teabags are now live on the website at resonancetea.com.au

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