The Stories Behind The Blends: BLOOM

Think dewy pink rose buds 
Think apple orchard heaving with blossoms 
That's Bloom 

Bloom has a delicate rose bouquet that will delight your palate & senses. Perfect for a afternoon tea or anytime of the day when you want to treat yourself

The inspiration for this blend was a favourite confectionery of mine, Turkish Delight. I wanted to capture that rosy sweetness in a tea.

Combining organic pink rose petals, organic honeybush, organic dried apple pieces and organic hibiscus the result it a subtle variation on a rose petal tea, and is equally enjoyable either hot or iced.

There is something inhereently whimsical and romantic about savouring rose tea. It instantly conjures up feelings of sipping tea in a beautiful cottage garden, afternoon tea parties, dewy freshness and taking time to appreciate life.

Tea Personality: The Romantic

She is a delight to behold and savour. A believer in love and a nurturer at heart. Dewy eyed with a voice like morning song, birds flutter and hover as she passes and her aura glimmers in the light. She glistens.

When crafting this tea the following ingredients were selected for the following reasons:
I began with organic honeybush as a base. Described as a floral and slightly roasted flavour reminiscent of honey this caffeine free tea provided the perfect building block for this blend.
I chose pink rather than red rose petals for a softer more romantic feel while giving a rosewater component to the tea.
Organic apple bits provided a little bit of crisp sweetness to balance the tea and then to provide a hint of contrast and a beautiful jewel depth to the colour I added organic hibiscus. Some tea blends take me 5 or 6 attempts to get the exact taste I started with in my mind, and this one hit the 'just right' note on the third mix.

I have been enjoying this particular blend for several years now, since I first created it back in 2017. It continually delights with it's light subtlety yet perfectly rounded flavour.

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