Self Care - What's Fact & What's Fiction

Self Care - What's Fact & What's Fiction

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Self Care is not just bubble baths and pamper weekends!

I mean seriously, who has time for regular pamper weekends? Who can even recall the last time they had a pamper weekend? I certainly can’t and I am a self care devotee. They might look great for the Gram but they don’t translate well to reality.

Self care doesn’t have to
cost money
be scheduled
involve bubbles (whether that is baths or champagne!)

Self care is taking time for the things that make your heart sing and fill your soul with joy.

It’s saying no when you feel obligated to say yes.
It’s staying in bed an extra hour on the weekend.
It’s about wearing loungewear for a day in the office (like I am today).
It’s about watching the sunrise (or sunset). It’s about jumping in a puddle.
It’s sitting quietly while your cat purrs on your lap.
It's regular screen free time.
It’s being aware of the songs the birds in your neighbourhood sing to you.
It’s finding a ten-minute window in the middle of the day for your favourite spiritual practice.
It’s catching raindrops on your tongue.
It's weeding your garden in the morning sun.
It’s washing your hair with your favourite eco-luxe products.
It’s that feeling when something makes you smile from the inside out.

It’s 1001 different little things. They all add up. They all create a healthier happier you.

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