Our Eco Packaging Practices

Our commitment to best environmental practices continues through our brews journey to your door. We choose

♻️ Hero Packaging mailers which are 100% compostable (and also re-usable due to the genius 2nd sticky strip!). Hero Packs might look and feel like they’re made out of plastic but all packs are CERTIFIED home and commercially compostable. Designed with cutting edge co-polymer makeup and renewable ingredients - mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together). 

♻️ Shipping labels are printed on recycled paper and affixed with compostable tape, meaning every part of your packaging outer will decompose (the tape is a 100% bio based film made from 90% renewable resources

♻️ Our mailer boxes used for shipping your teas are made from 100% recycled material

♻️ We ship via Australia Post for carbon neutral delivery

♻️100% post consumer recycled paper gift wrap from Ecocern

♻️ We 'choose to reuse' - when you receive an order confirmation email from us you will see there is a reply option if you do NOT wish to have reused & upcycled packaging materials used in your order, other wise we will make use of materials we have received in packaging ourselves. Just makes sense to us!

At resonance tea we are committed to choosing the best environmental practice every time, and are continually on the lookout for ways to improve this.
We also have a #resonanceethos hashtag so you can let us know what you're doing to reuse, reduce or recycle the items we send to you.

Lots of people doing little bits of good can have a massive impact!
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