My Day In A Tea Cup

My Day In A Tea Cup

Just like the 'what do you eat in a day' blogs and articles, this one is all about tea. Aly, the founder of resonance tea is going to talk through her typical day's tea consumption and explain why she chooses certain blends at certain times.

First cup of the day: Renewal

I start my day with Renewal probably 98% of the time, it's very rare that I will choose another blend. When I crafted the blend I had the invigorating feeling I get from drinking a green juice in mind, and I wanted to replicate that in a tea. With citrus notes from lemon balm and lemon myrtle, a high note of ginger and a base of celery seed this blend always gets me ready for the day ahead.
Oh, and it's very rarely 1 cup - it's generally 2 or 3!!

Mid Morning: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy is one of our Limited Edition Festive Blends which reappear in time for Christmas every year. And because I make it I always make a big stash for myself - one of the benefits of being the boss lol.
A comforting base of honeybush and rooibos with a hint of black tea and vanilla and contrasting notes of cinnamon and clove, there is something about this blend that is a little bit sweet and magical (just like it's namesake) that I love it as part of my mid morning routine.

This is generally the time fo day that I may find I'm wanting something a bit more substantial than a cuppa so if that's the case I will often brew a tea latte. There super easy and super delicious - add Creme Caramel (or Afterglow or Sugar Plum Fairy) to milk, boil, steep, strain and froth a little to pour yourself a latte. You can find the recipe here.

Lunch: Renewal, again.
Or Gut Instinct if I'm feeling a bit sluggish, or Afterglow if I need a bit of a kick

Lunch time I'll often return to Renewal as it's neutral enought to accompany food and not overpower it. If my body or digestion feels a little sluggish the peppermint high note of Gut Instinct is what I'll reach for to refresh and reinvigorate. If there's a long afternoon ahead and not much left in the energy tank I will go for a big hit of caffeine and spice with Afterglow. And on the hotter days I'll have iced tea with Renewal or Bloom teas.

Late Afternoon: Chillax
As the afternoon starts to slip away and I'm feeling the need to mellow a little is the time for Chillax. The lavender is calming and the hibiscus delivers a beautiful tart accent to the honeybush base. I'll warn you though - once you add this to your afternoon routine you won't stop. It's an escape and is perfect to ease into the evening.

After Dinner: Goodnight Sweetheart
And then to wrap up the day the toasty warmth of Goodnight Sweetheart brings a new level of calm with it and prepares me for a solid slumber. 

So that's my day in a teacup. Which teas are you using as a part of your daily routine?

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