Charity Partnership: Red Box Wildlife Shelter

When the thought process behind resonance tea began the intent was to not only BE good but DO good as well.

Giving back was a big part of the doing good part, and I thought that $3 from profits of every product sold could be donated to wildlife charities. Two ongoing ‘partner’ charities, and a 3rd suggested by resonance’s customers and supporters so that every organisation and every part of this land we inhabit is eligible.

And today another dream comes to fruition.

I am so very pleased & humbled to announce the first of our partner charities – Red Box Wildlife Shelter.

Red Box began several years ago Nikki and Scott Medwell moved to a 60-acre bush property in Elphinstone, Victoria. From the first day, they were greeted by the resident kangaroo mob. Soon after moving in, they found themselves caring for their very first orphaned joey named Mr Boo.

Mr Boo had been found standing next to his mother’s lifeless body. She had been shot and killed and little Boo who was less than 2kg at the time was left helpless and alone. Once Mr Boo came into Nikki and Scott’s full-time care and they were able to experience firsthand the incredible nature and intelligence of kangaroos, a commitment was made to do everything in their power to protect them. A commitment they live by every day at Red Box Wildlife Shelter.

With a property devoted entirely to native bushland and dedicated to wildlife, Red Box Wildlife Shelter focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, raising and releasing native animals in need. Their primary focus is the Eastern Grey Kangaroo however they do take in all wildlife and move them onto specialist carers if needed.

Nikki has also created a program to educate all ages about this magnificent species that have lived in Australia for more than sixteen million years. They are a national treasure & the time is now for them to be treated accordingly. To find out more about the Roo Rangers online education program, click here

I am so very excited to be supporting the wonderful efforts of this shelter and look forward to sharing with you stories of the roo mob and also how your choice to purchase resonance tea helps Red Box in their efforts to preserve and rehabilitate our wildlife.

Let’s make a difference together!

Big love,

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