4 Ways to Iced Tea

Can you believe there are actually four different ways to make an iced tea? I'll go through them here and explain how they differ and why you would use this method.

1. Cold Infusion Tea
This is an overnight infusion (or 12 hour method) and is referred to as ice tea because it starts as cold and minimises the diluting effects of the ice. It is also the best way to get a non-cloudy tea - starting from a hot water infusion can give you that blurred effect.

To make: Add 2 tbsps of your resonance herbal tea infusion to 1 litre of water and store in the fridge overnight. Strain and pour over ice, add some mint, citrus or berries and enjoy.

2. Hot Infusion
Make your pot of tea as normal with hot water and once brewed to your desired strength pour into a long glass or jug overflowing with ice. You want to brew this stronger than you normally would to allow for the diluting effects of the ice. This method works best if you are in a hurry and don't have 12 hours spare to cold infuse.

3. Leftover Tea
if you're like me and have a pot you top up all the time so you get multiple infusions from your leaves you can pour the tea at room temperature over some ice cubes and enjoy this way. Or pour what's left in your pot into a bottle and refrigerate for later.

4. Making a Concentrate - in a teaball/teastick/tea strainer/reusable tea bag add 2 tbsps of your tea blend and bring to boil in 1L of water. Boil gently for several minutes and then pour into acontainer. Repeat the process a second time using the same leaves -add to the container and leave to cool before bottling for storage. This will keep for approximately a week in thefridge, and you can add more water to it if desired. You can also freeze the concentrate and pull out a container or cube as required. If you like your teas sweeter add a sweetener during the boiling process - just remember to add even amounts over the two brews! This concentrate also works well for making a tea latte. But more on those in another post!
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